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Stickers laundry labels - stickers - names - 23x12mm - 60 pieces

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60 name labels for textiles laundry labels name labels - 23x12mm children, school kindergarten - T-shirts, textiles, aprons - individual printing

    Our clothing labels are suitable for the washing machine. These are simply glued on and do not have to be sewn in or ironed on.
    Peel off the sticker and stick it on the laundry care label. Our stickers stick to laundry labels and are up to 30 wash cycles at a maximum of 40 ° and everywhere on smooth surfaces.
    Usable up to 40 degrees. Please only stick this sticker on the clothes laundry label. Not on fabric or anything else. To activate the adhesive, please wait at least 24 hours with the first wash.
    These individual laundry labels do not have to be ironed on or sewn on. These only stick to our film due to the special adhesive. Of course it can also be used on cups, pencil cases, satchels, rulers, windows, on the car etc.
    If the name is too long, we print on 2 lines. If you do not wish, please let us know. Various other sizes can be found in our other articles.

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